the basis for a fracture mechanics assessment of nuclear graphite

Investigation on failure assessment method for nuclear

2020/1/1It is necessary to establish a failure assessment method used for nuclear graphite components in MSR. A modified assessment approach based on ASME BPVC-III-5_2017 is presented. The new approach takes a new parameter, KIC, into account and abandons the parameter, grain size, which is unrealistic for super fine-grained graphite as the computation is enormous if we use

The Fracture Toughness of Nuclear Graphites Grades

2021/4/28article{osti_1352770, title = {The Fracture Toughness of Nuclear Graphites Grades}, author = {Burchell, Timothy D. and Erdman, III, Donald L. and Lowden, Rick R. and Hunter, James A. and Hannel, Cara C.}, abstractNote = {New measurements of graphite mode I critical stress intensity factor, KIc (commonly referred to as the fracture toughness) and the mode II critical shear stress intensity

CiteSeerX — 1 An Improved Probabilistic Fracture

CiteSeerX - Document Details (Isaac Councill, Lee Giles, Pradeep Teregowda): This paper provides an overview of an improved probabilistic fracture mechanics (PFM) model used for calculating the conditional probabilities of fracture and failure of a reactor pressure


BS 7910, the UK procedure for the assessment of flaws in metallic structures, was first published almost 30 years ago in the form of a fracture/fatigue assessment procedure, PD6493. It provided the basis for analyzing fabrication flaws and the need for repair in a

Development of a Plastic Fracture Methodology for

A number of candidate fracture criteria were assembled and investigated to determine the proper basis for plastic fracture mechanics assessments. The results demonstrate that many different fracture criteria can be used as the basis of a resistance curve approach to predicting stable crack growth and fracture instability.

Material Properties and Experimental Observations with special focus on Fracture and Damage Mechanics

Assessment of fracture initiation point in inclined notch on Brazilian disk under pressure M.H. Meliani, Z. Azari, G. Pluvinage, Y.G. Matvienko LPTPM, FS, Hassiba Benbouali University of Chlef, Algeria; Laboratoire de Fiabilit

Modelleing the Multiaxial Strength of Nuclear Graphite

article{osti_973533, title = {Modelleing the Multiaxial Strength of Nuclear Graphite}, author = {Burchell, Timothy D and Yahr, Terry and Battiste, Rick}, abstractNote = {The core of a prismatic High Temperature Reactor (HTR) is constructed from an array of nuclear graphite components including replaceable fuel blocks, replaceable and permanent moderator blocks, and core support posts.

Technical Basis for the Extension of ASME Code Case N

Bloom, J. M., 1985, "Deformation Plasticity Failure Assessment Diagram," Elastic Plastic Fracture Mechanics Technology, ASTM STP 896. 11. Bloom, J. M., 1991, "Appendix J—The Deformation Plasticity Failure Assessment Diagram (DPFAD) Approach to Evaluation of Flaws in Ferritic Piping," Defect Assessment in Components—Fundamentals and Applications, ESIS/EGF9, Mechanical

Application of Probabilistic Structural Integrity: Methods

Following a PhD in fatigue and fracture mechanics, Mark developed his research interests in the micro-mechanical failure behaviour of cast Al systems, Ni-based alloys and latterly, nuclear graphite. Joining Frazer-Nash Consultancy in 2007, he continued to

The Basis for a Fracture Mechanics Assessment of Nuclear Graphite

To perform fracture mechanics assessments of nuclear graphite the following assumptions are made: Graphite behaves in a linear elastic manner, this is reasonable true for fine grained graphites, but is not the case for coarse grained graphites, where significant process

Strength and Fracture Criteria

Strength and Fracture Criteria Written by Professor Antanas Ziliukas (2010) This publication presents an analysis of strength and fracture criteria. The author offers a new, more precise, evaluative theoretical decision procedure in regard to mechanical behaviour of

Damage effect on the fracture toughness of nodular cast iron:

1996/2/6METALLURGICAL AND MATERIALS TRANSACTIONS A VOLUME 28A, NOVEMBER 1997—2245 Damage Effect on the Fracture Toughness of Nodular Cast Iron: Part I. Damage Characterization and Plastic Flow Stress Modeling M.J. DONG, C. PRIOUL, and D

Nondestructive Testing and Fracture Mechanics rev 1

interplay of eddy current and fracture mechanics as related to tube integrity will be explained. Keywords: Eddy current, steam generator tube inspection, component integrity, fracture mechanics 1. Introduction The assessment of component integrity during

Important Aspects of Probabilistic Fracture Mechanics Analyses

2018/9/14Important Aspects of Probabilistic Fracture Mechanics Analyses Date: September 14, 2018 Prepared in response to Task 1 in User Need Request NRR-2016-004, by: This report does not contain or imply legally binding requirements. Nor does this report establish

A fracture criterion for nuclear graphite

1982/10/1Measurements of tensile and flexural strength of a nuclear graphite using small bar specimens are reported. A theoretical model of failure is described in which critical defects are assumed to be associated with cleaved large coke particles. It is further assumed that these subcritical cracks can only extend by the cleavage of small particles which surround them. The size of the critical flaws

Applications of Probabilistic Fracture Mechanics for

Fitness for service of pressure tubes is demonstrated on an ongoing basis using several methodologies fundamentally based on fracture mechanics. The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) closely monitors industry fitness-for-service programs, and performs detailed reviews of industry fitness-for-service evaluations for inspected pressure tubes and reactor core assessments.

Improvements on Evaluation Functions of a Probabilistic

In Japan, a probabilistic fracture mechanics (PFM) analysis code PASCAL was developed for structural integrity assessment of reactor pressure vessels (RPVs) considering neutron irradiation embrittlement and pressurized thermal shock (PTS) events. By reflecting

Use of Nuclear Mechanical Design Codes and Fracture

Gallegillo, M, Goodfellow, A, Philipp, C, Miles, L, Williams, A. Use of Nuclear Mechanical Design Codes and Fracture Mechanics Procedures for the UK EPR at Hinkley Point C. Proceedings of the ASME 2013 Pressure Vessels and Piping Conference.

A microstructurally based fracture model for

The physical basis of, and assumptions behind, the Burchell fracture model for graphites are reported. The model combines a fracture mechanics failure criteria and a microstructurally based description of fracture. Microstructurally related inputs such as pore-size

Improving Safety with Advanced Fracture Mechanics

Mahmoud graduated from University of Bristol with a PhD on Fracture Mechanics in 2009 and joined Materials Performance Centre at the University of Manchester to study the effects if biaxial loading on the failure of graphite, a project funded by EDF Energy.

Improvement of Probabilistic Fracture Mechanics

Probabilistic fracture mechanics (PFM) analysis is expected to be a rational method for structural integrity assessment because it can consider the uncertainties of various influence factors and evaluate the quantitative values such as failure probability of a cracked

Toughness Levels for Steels and the Need for PWHT

Another approach is, with the agreement of all interested parties,to carry out a fracture mechanics assessment on a case by case basis. As noted in Part 1 of this article, with this approach, Leggatt at al [41] showed that, in some of the examples that they considered, PWHT was not necessary.

03/17/2009 Presentation: Some of the Challenges in NGNP HTGR Graphite Component Safety Evaluation

1 Some of the Challenges in NGNP HTGR Graphite Component Safety Evaluation ORNL/NRC Workshop on Graphite Research Rockville, MD, U.S.A. Dr. Makuteswara Srinivasan Senior Materials Engineer Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research March 17, 2009 The


In a recent NUREG, the Staff examined the technical basis for both the Master Curve itself, and for its application to the assessment of nuclear RPV integrity against fracture [Kirk 00e]. Here we focus attention on the application issues that need to be addressed

Nuclear Graphite

2021/4/21This paper reports the physical basis of, and assumptions behind, a fracture model for nuclear graphites. Microstructurally related inputs, such as filler particle size, filler particle fracture toughness (K{sub Ic}), density, pore size distribution, number of pores and specimen geometry (size and volume), are utilized in the model.

Probabilistic Distribution of Tensile Strength of Nuclear

The mesoscopic-structure related strength of graphite was investigated by using the microstructure-based fracture model. The model can treat mesoscopic grain and pore structures with the fracture mechanics as well as the statistical approach. In this study the model was applied to the prediction of tensile strength of the nuclear grade H-451 graphite. Input

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